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    of All Medical Needs

    From maintaining all medical records to scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, accommodations and much more.

Welcome To Global Health Partners

We offer an unparalleled private-concierge experience, personally tailored to each individual’s specific needs. Our physicians’ experience, our technology and our customer service are simply the best available — enabling us to give our clients the finest treatment available.


Global Health Partners helps patients navigate through the finest medical institutions nationwide. We work with the patients and their families to create a harmonious relationship with highly experienced doctors and an ethical team of medical professionals. We commit to providing a positive and pleasant experience while in the United States.


We understand how intimidating the U.S. healthcare system has become and want to make it easier for international patients to get the help they need in an efficient and effective manner. From the range of medical institutions to the range of medical professionals the road to recovery can be overwhelming, but we here at Global Health Partners take it upon ourselves to ensure that your journey is as smooth and comfortable as possible.


We believe that communication is the most important tool to successfully navigate the healthcare system. We will help you understand all of the factors included and related to your medical situation. Furthermore, we will tailor a treatment plan that will fulfill the specific needs of the individual. We believe that each person is unique and will be presented with a plan that suits their unique circumstance.


Helps patients feel more comfortable and at ease

Increase diagnostic accuracy and avoid medical errors

Gives patients the ability to take the proper steps towards healing

Increase patient’s confidence and hope in handling crisis


Reduce stress and anxiety

Allow patients to take charge of their recovery and be more independent with their lives

Increases patient’s familiarity with foreign subjects and situations

Improve efficiency with healthcare services


"Wes' extensive experience and wide network as well as his ability to manage all of the reports and organize all the appointments he has made my experience with getting the necessary medical attention much easier. His involvement has also helped me and my family cope with the stress and hardships we are facing at this time. He was able to properly explain everything and helped us in forming the best decision given our options. He has become a good personal friend as well as brought a very human aspect when dealing with the very emotionally detached and cold environment when dealing with medical decisions."
Abdulrahman Alhemaidi
Military Attache / Qatar Embassy
“It was a true pleasure to work with Mr. Traish. He is not only having the knowledge of the medical system / infrastructure but also possesses a genuine passion to serve…”
Omar Al Shamsi
Deputy Chief Mission / Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
"I came to the US through the Saudi Embassy to try and restore my eyesight that was lost due to diabetes complications. I was not able to get appointments with the doctors quickly or at all at times. Eventually I was told there was nothing they could do. I was then referred to Wes at Global Health Partners and everything changed. I am now getting the care I need quickly and with the best doctors. They have been able to restore some of my eyesight and I am getting better every day."
Raja Alqahtani
Patient / Saudi Arabia


Don’t worry, wonder or wait; whenever there’s a question about health, just call US. We’ll be here for you 24×7! We understand healthcare needs.

Global health partners is always available-day or night-for personal and confidential information.